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We have had the honor of working with Olympic Gold medalists and numerous professional and elite athletes. Emmitt Smith, Mike Modano and a number of other professional record holders have been our clients who have found Structural Integration to be an important part of their health, performance enhancement and injury prevention programs. We work with gymnasts, dancers, ball players, golfers, hockey players, horse riders, runners and all sorts of athletes from children to middle-age and older. We enjoy working to assist athletes to excel in their field and we also take great pleasure in helping injured and retired athletes to regain the quality of life which has been compromised by years of abuse and injury.



I was encouraged to get Structural Integration by a health advisor that I trust greatly. I found Michael Solberg through my personal trainer who knew Michael had worked with other pro athletes. My experience with Structural Integration was fantastic. Michael took a personal interest my goals and spent time familiarizing himself with my abilities and needs. He completely understood my desire to gain more control (power and flexibility) of my psoas muscle function to benefit my skating performance. Not only did we accomplish that goal but I feel the effect of having my entire body connected to itself when I play now. The overall effect of the series of sessions I had with Michael was very productive and I have recommended him to other teammates at the Dallas Stars. I feel Structural Integration could benefit any athlete. It has been a blessing for me and I only wish I had gotten Structural Integration sooner.
-Mike Modano, Dallas Stars - Olympic Gold Medalist, World Record all-time American-born point leader in the National Hockey League

Thanks for the help!
-Emmitt Smith - Dallas Cowboys - World Rushing Record Holder

Good Job.
-Coach Barry Switzer - World Record - Winningest Football Coach

My 16 year old daughter has always had aspirations of playing golf in college but after years of back issues, I was beginning to wonder if she would even make it through her high school golf career. One evening in late February I shared this with a girlfriend. She began telling me about the Solberg Center and how Structural Integration freed her of chronic shoulder pain. I called the next day. After hearing about the years of strength training, physical therapy, Pilates, etc. with little to no decrease in back pain, coupled with a motherís concern for her daughterís physical well being, Virginia was eager to see my daughter and assess her condition. Our first visit revealed a great deal of fascial work to be done but after one session, my daughter was already experiencing pain relief and standing at least one inch taller! Flash forward about 15 sessions and the rewards are plentiful. Golf practice and multi day tournaments are now completed pain free. Tournament finishes have been nothing lower than third place, including two 1st place finishes and the 4A TAPPS individual State Championship. Due to the treatment she has received at the Solberg Center, she has continued to grow and develop as a golfer and is currently being recruited by multiple collegiate programs. Thank you, Virginia!Ē
-JP     (This client just received a full-ride GOLF SCHOLARSHIP to her preferred UNIVERSITY!

Michael Solberg SAVED my life!!!!! He introduced me to Structural Integration and he, with it, saved my life. After a knee injury and surgery, I had retired from my active life and accepted being inactive and fat and depressed. Today I am a finely SI specimen or "Junkie" as we like to call ourselves. I am fit and active and most days I would never know that I had been injured at all. My knee is 99% healthy!!!! I Live Strong everyday thanks to Michael Solberg and his Rolf Structural Integration. Thank you Michael Solberg for saving my life!!!!!!
-Kathy S. M. 38 5'5" 123lbs. Mother of FOUR! Go Michael Go!!!!

Structural Integration - sounds like an engineering term, but it is really an unbelievable approach to wellness. I tell my friends that Michael is my Far East Healer. My relationship with Michael goes way beyond that of Structural Integration Practitioner and Patient. Not only does he regularly bring resolution to my deep seated chronic sports injuries, but I am able to count on him as a key resource for my wife/kids, as well as for many of my clients who are often in need of relief from nagging physical issues.
-Todd B.

Michael Solbergís care of me has been at the highest professional level. I am convinced that it has, and will, continue to prolong my active athletic life through increased flexibility and less pain. I could not be happier with my Structural Integration experience and with Michael.
-David H. E.

As an athlete with chronic pain from scoliosis and sports injuries, to the point of severely limited mobility, I have been re-mobilized by Structural Integration. It decreases the pain, releases tightness and scarring, and cultivates a sense of comfort and ease in being in one's body.
Structural Integration is a perfect compliment for fitness endeavors of any sort. It aids performance, and enhances recovery.
I recommend Structural Integration with Michael, for anyone, to find a new experience of centeredness, comfort, and relaxation, that results from the restoration of balance and natural alignment in the body. Structural Integration enhances body awareness, and opens portals to greater self-awareness.
-Ruth W., MD

I recently went through 10 sessions of Structural Integration with Michael Solberg. When I began the sessions I had severe lower back pain. In the mornings I could hardly get out of bed and to take my first steps felt like a knife was going into my back. I had been suffering for almost 2 years. During that time I had seen many different doctors including going to the Texas Back Institute for several months. At the Texas Back Institute I had many rounds of decompression therapy, physical therapy, and Cortisone injections. None of this helped! After seeing Michael for the 10 sessions I am happy to say that I now live with very little pain. I am able to wake up feeling rested and return to most of my daily activities that I hadn't been able to endure before. I also have a 2 yr old daughter and once again I can play with her and pick her up mostly without any pain. I've also began to exercise more and take up jogging. I feel pretty good these days. Cheers Michael!!! Thank you for helping me!
-Paula A.

I am 20 now, and I have been seeing Michael for the last 8 years. I first came to him because I had very flat feet and had been having sharp pains in my heels while I was playing football in middle school. I did the ten sessions Michael recommended, and as I went through them, I started noticing huge differences in the way I felt and the way I walked. Part of the way through, I noticed that my heel pain was gradually disappearing! At my most recent session, I was just telling Michael how happy I am that I still have the arches he worked on so long ago. I am so grateful for the work Michael has done on me over the years, particularly because I started young and was able to grow into a healthy and balanced structure. He helped me at the most crucial time, when I was at a very awkward stage of development. After the heels, I also had severe knee and hip pain when I ran during high school, and Michaelís work has brought me to the point now where I can run and play sports without any pain in my legs. Even more important, my body feels generally more relaxed and at ease than before. I highly recommend Michaelís Rolf Method of Structural Integration and I encourage you to start while youíre young if you can: it will not disappoint.
-Jesse B.

I suffered for several years from chronic, and often debilitating, headaches and muscle knots from between my shoulder blades resulting from a swimming pool accident in 1995. Sitting or sleeping in not quite the right position would often lead to days of painful misery to the point of nausea.
Sometimes even looking down to buckle my belt might cause this reaction. I got mild and short-lived relief from chiropractic care, but the severe muscle knots would return within a few days. I got little or no relief from over-the-counter pain relievers.
It was then that I was introduced to Structural Integration by Michael Solberg. I am by nature a skeptic of anything "new" and went to see Michael simply because he was a friend and I had nothing to lose.  After the second session, my wife cocked her head to the side and commented that I was walking differently. Three years after my initial ten sessions of SI I was still free of muscle knots! I was able to return to playing basketball (and sitting on soft couches!) without paying for it with days of misery afterwards. I don't know what more I can say other than Michael Solberg and SI were a God-send to me.
-Daryl Swenson

I was having some twinges and pain in my knees from running and those have improved greatly or disappeared. I noticed a difference with each session. After each session I feel lighter, relaxed, more fluid in my movements and my feet feel more in contact with the floor. I gained an inch after my ten series.
-Michelle K., Personal Trainer

I had tried everything to help me be flexible for my high school dance and drill team. Nothing worked, until I tried Structural Integration, which my Mom had been using. Michael knows every muscle and tendon of the body and helped me gain flexibility, as well as learning to treat my body better.
-Scholle B.

I am a local minister who has enjoyed athletics all my life. While training for the White Rock Marathon in late 2000, I developed a problem in both of my feet. It started with numbness and then finally a "hot spot" near my toes. After laying off for months at a time with no healing, I finally saw an orthopedic specialist. He recognized that I ran on the outside of my feet and had 'worn out the fat pads', leaving me running on skin and bones. We tried custom orthotics and more time, but eventually I had to accept that these pains were not going to go away. I resigned myself to swimming but always dreamed of being able to run, even willing to give up the idea of running competitively in marathons just to enjoy a five to eight mile run.
I heard about the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and contacted Michael Solberg in Plano. After consulting with him, he told me that he could help me to at least deal with all of the side effects that compensating for running wrong had caused and was even optimistic that he could restore the natural placement of the pads on the bottom of my feet and that I could run again. I have absolutely been astounded by the results of his treatments. After one particular session, my wife and I could not believe how differently I stood on my feet. As a result of his work, I AM RUNNING PAIN FREE. I ran the White Rock Marathon the next year and have enjoyed running since. The other major difference that I notice is how I no longer store all of my stress in my neck and shoulders. I am also impressed that there is a system that has a beginning and an end. I am 'finished' with the process and do not need to return for any ongoing therapy.
-Jim R.

For more than five years, I have been attending structural integration sessions with Michael including the ten session series and then quarterly sessions. With each session I see and experience a re-alignment of my body resulting in sitting and walking straighter, more capacity of oxygen intake expanding my resistance training and minimizing muscle injury during weight training.
-Monk S.

I first received work from Michael Solberg 14 years ago. At the time, I was an aspiring professional quarterback looking to resolve some typical elbow and arm related issues. It would be impossible to describe all that Michael has done for me since we first met and how he has dramatically changed my life. My understanding and appreciation for Structural Integration has grown so much over the years. Even now, I am humbled by what Michael is able to do to help me. I no longer hurt or ache, but will continue Structural Integration as a preventative measure. If you are new to SI, then there is probably no way to comprehend what you have found. I would encourage anyone who is receiving Structural Integration not to stop after your initial issue has been resolved. You are just scratching the surface of something far deeper.
Some of the highlights from my Structural Integration experience include avoiding back surgery. I had severe pain from a bulging disc located at the L5 S1 level of my spine. Michael has created so much space in my body that I have gained over an inch in height. (I am still bald however) My body is now in proper alignment and I am enjoying a much more efficient body. I have also enjoyed being able to help so many people by referring them to Michael.

-Doug Switzer

I recently went through 10 sessions of Structural Integration with Virginia Solberg. I can never forget on my 1st session with Virginia, she asked me to stand up and walk around in the room to inspect my posture. Unfortunately, I couldnít stand for more than 2 minutes without having an abnormal amount of pain as I stood and walked; I had to ask to sit back down and continue to review what had occurred thru my journey of all the attempts to correct my back issues of the last 2 Ĺ years. Today, I can unequivocally say without reservation that Virginiaís precious treatment has given me an opportunity to resume doing Tai Chi (8 different forms), Weekly Aerobics classes, Stretching and Daily Walking. Iím not totally 100% from my back issues, but Iím light years ahead from where I was 2 Ĺ years ago. Iím very thankful to you Virginia!
-Jim W.

Structural Integration at the Solberg Center caused dramatic, lasting improvement to my body's alignment and function. Within 3 months of completing their 10-step program, I had doubled my mileage and was running pain-free for the first time. I haven't been injured since. Thank you, Solberg Center!
-Mark A., Dallas TX

In April, I could barely run a third of a mile in April but after I had structural integration to fix a scarred down ankle from previous sprained ankle injuries I had in my twenties, I now two months later have been running 40 to 50 miles a week with only barefoot style shoes. If you are a runner and you have not had this done, you are missing out in performance, risk of injury, and freedom of movement. Oh, by the way, I am breathing so much better too after I had my pelvic floor released!
- Sam Lam, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon

After working with 3 chiropractors, 2 massage therapists, 2 physical therapists and seeing 3 different doctors for my cervical herniated disc, I finally found the Solberg Center. Within a few sessions I experienced immediate progress in both pain reduction and mobility. This allowed me to resume being active again which along with continuing a maintenance program with Structural Integration I am getting back to 100%! Thank you Michael and Sage!!!"

- Justin K.