Dallas Rolfing Legend Ken Solberg, with his son

and daughter-in law, Michael and Virginia Solberg, Structural Integration practitioners

and founders of the Solberg Center

Solberg Center for Structural Integration 

In Plano - boutique studio

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Willow Bend Wellness

In Dallas - 5220 McKinney Ave, Suite 300

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per session
$115. extra half hour
$460. 4-hands session (tandem practitioner technique)
$2400. Package of 11 sessions
$40. after hours fee
Basic Series (10 sessions)
After the Basic Ten Session Series the following customizable series are available:
  Advanced Series (5 or 3 sessions)
  Scoliosis Series (3 sessions)
  Athletic Enhancement Series (3 sessions)
  Flexibility Series (3 sessions)
  Post-op Rehab Series (3 or 5 sessions)
  Visceral Series (3 sessions)
We can design a plan of maintenance work to manage ongoing goals relating to:
  Scar Tissue
  Cosmetic Surgery (Implants)